World's largest JavaScript library

What is it?

davidhong is a large, flexible, and experienced JavaScript library, framework, and code-muncher that can talk! Weighing in at only 160 pounds, there is no reason why you should look beyond davidhong.js for all your JavaScript needs.

How does it work?

Up in the marketing department, they'll label it – “student of the web”, but I personally think it's just magic.

davidhong.js, unlike other libraries, has a degree in computing, has enormous amount of experience in dissecting other libraries, is an active participant of JavaScript community such as ES.next mailing list as well as JS Mentors, and has participated in previous node knockout competition (2011).

Although UNIX has been the primary playground for many years, davidhong has worked extensively with .NET technology. It has experiences in shell scripting, PERL and C# although, in the last 3 years it has primarily been C#, JavaScript and more recently ruby. But it ain't afraid to hack up some scripts in any other language.

The way davidhong works is simple: get the job done, write code that makes clients and developers happy and write them well.


There is only one call you need to make, either tweet me, email me, or call me.

How to contribute

  1. Github
  2. Google Code
  3. Twitter
  4. jsFiddle

Change log

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HTML5 Games Developer at ABC
Interactive Media Developer at AIMIA (Carlson Marketing)
Participated in Node Knockout Rocket26
Web/JavaScript Developer at Amblique
Graduate Software Engineer at Macquarie Group
Web developer at Amblique

by David Hong.

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